Beer Starter Kits

Brewing Kits $90.00

($100 if sold separately)

  • 1. Carboy/Fermenter - 5 gallon 20.00(Plastic) Used for holding beer during the fermentation stage.
  • 2. Blow-Off Tube 1.20 Used with the stopper to expel foam and C02 from the fermenter.
  • 3. Airlock .90 For allowing the release of CO2 gas during fermentation. To use: place in the stopper hole, place the stopper on the fermenter, remove the cap and half fill with water, replace the cap.
  • 4. Stopper 3.00 Seals the fermenter and holds the airlock.
  • 5. Plastic Bucket & Lid -6 gallon 15.00 Used to hold beer prior to bottling and for adding priming sugar. May also be used as a fermenter.
  • 6. Racking Cane 1.99 Used to siphon from the fermenter. The tip prevents the yeast sediment from being drawn into the siphon.
  • 7. Racking Tube -6 feet 3.00 Attaches to the racking cane and/or the bottle filler for easy siphoning from the fermenter to the bucket or from the bucket to the bottles.
  • 8. Bottle Filler 3.49 Plastic tube with a spring valve. To use: attach to the racking tube, start the siphon, open the bottle filler valve by pressing it to the bottom of your bottles. Bottles fill from the bottom. Stop the flow of beer by raising the bottle filler.
  • 9. Funnel -8 inch 4.00 Used to get water and beer mix into the fermenter.
  • 10. Thermometer 6.00 For taking the temperature of your beer. Beer must be below 80ยบ prior to adding yeast.
  • 11. Triple Scale Hydrometer 6.25 For determining alcohol levels and to test fermentation. To use: place a sample of your beer in the hydrometer jar. Float the hydrometer in the sample. Using the gravity scale on the hydrometer, read where the scale intersects the surface level of the liquid. Take a reading before and after fermentation. Gravity levels tell the story of your beer style and fermentation. Recording these levels and other specifics about your beer help in recreating or improving your brewing methods.
  • 12. Hydrometer Jar 1.50 For holding wort/beer samples when taking hydrometer and thermometer readings.
  • 13. Carboy Brush 7.50 For scrubbing the fermentation residue out of your carboy.
  • 14. Io-star 4 oz. 4.00 Iodine based sanitizing solution.
  • 15. Wing Capper 15.95 Crimps crown caps. To use: put a cap onto the bottle top, place wing capper onto cap with the capper arms in the up position. Press down on the capper handles while also pressing down on the bottle to seal. Use caution when sealing. Too much force will break the bottle necks.
  • 16. Caps - 200 ea 5.00 Crown caps are crimped onto your beer bottles to ensure a tight seal and captures carbonation. Use only pry off type bottles, twist off bottles are not recommended.
  • 17. Priming Sugar - 1 pound 1.19 Used for adding carbonation to beer before bottling. Use 3/4 cup to carbonate 5 gallons of beer.

  • Other Recommended Equipment:
  • Kettle-4 or 5 gallon is best
  • Bottles-55 of 12oz or 27 of 22oz
  • Bottle Washer
  • Spigot for bottling bucket