Dubble Trouble

When you're ready for the Belgian beer experience, try this one. With a gravity of 1.070 you can expect a higher than normal alcohol content, a raisin and light chocolate flavor from the candi (beet) sugar and Belgian grains, a light hop character, and a slight spiciness from the Belgian yeast. It is best served with desert or as desert.

Belgian White (Wit)

Belgian white ale is typically brewed with wheat and barley malt, lightly hopped, and spiced with a combination or orange peel and coriander. The color, as the name suggests, is pale yellow to cloudy white. As a malt extract recipe, it's difficult to make a pale beer when the extracts tend to make a darker beer (especially English malts). So, for this recipe we will also use honey to lighten the beer and a small mash of pale malt and unmalted wheat for cloudiness.

Fat Tire

From New Belgium Brewing who have made a fortune cloning recipes from the Belgian monks. This beer is an amber Dubbel style. It is rich, nutty, with a raisin tone from Belgian Special 'B' malt.

La Fin Du Monde

Literally meaning "The End Of The World", this beer is a clone of the Quebec (Belgian) Triple ale now found on the shelves of better beer stores in the Northwest. It is a high alcohol beer (about 9%), light in color, lightly hopped but not overly sweet. We use amylase emzyme with the yeast to increase fermentable sugars and Belgian Abbey yeast to give this beer a unique spicey and citrusy character.