Hazelnut Brown

Pete's Wicked

This style of beer for years has stood alone in the brown ale catagory. It's more bitter than the English brown ales or Nut Brown ales that came before it. The added hop bitterness and dark malt character created a new catagory of beer, American Brown Ale.

Rigger Mortise

This beer comes from longtime brewer, shipyard rigger, and master carpenter, John Breslin. So you can see where he gets the name Rigger Mortise. John has been working on variations of this Bitter Brown recipe for a couple of years. Similar in style to a Pete's Wicked or Moose Drool, this brew has a deep roast and caramel flavor followed by a distinct hop bitterness, flavor, and aroma. In a class by itself. Well done John.

Sam Smiths Nut Brown

Brown Eye Dry Eye