Brewing & Mashing Quantity Price
Fitting-1/2 MPT Coupler 45ºea4.00
Fitting-1/2 MPT Coupler 90ºea4.00
Fitting-SS 1/2” Couplerea5.50
Fitting-SS 1/2" Elbow 3/8"Barbea7.00
Fitting-SS 1/2” Female x 1/2” Barb Elea5.50
Fitting-SS 1/2" Female to 1/2" Barbea6.00
Fitting-SS 1/2” Female x 1/2”Male Flareea5.50
Fitting-SS 1/2” Female Flare x 1/2” Barbea4.00
Fitting-SS 1/2" Male to 3/8" Barbea5.50
Fitting-SS 1/2” Nippleea5.50
Fitting-1/2" SS Nutea2.00
Aeration System-Pump/Stoneea29.00
Burner 60k BTU Camp Chef SH140L ea90.00
Chugger Pump - Plastic headea110.00
Chugger Pump - Stainless headea155.00
Weldless Coupler Assy 1/2"ea20.00
Fitting-1/2" Gasket-flatea1.00
Fitting-Gasket 1/2" roundea1.00
Hop Bagsea0.50
Brewing Kettles 10 gal BrewBuilt w/spigotea225.00
Brewing Kettles 15 gal w/spigotea230.00
Brewing Kettles 15 gal w/spigot Economyea130.00
Brewing Kettles 20qtea36.00
Brewing Kettles 8 galea70.00
Brewing Kettles 8 gal w/spigotea175.00
Brewing Kettles 8 gal w/spigot Economyea90.00
Kettle Bazooka Screen 1/2”ea17.00
Kettle Bazooka Screen 3/8”ea14.00
Kettle Spigot (weldless) Brewers Edge 3/8"-1/2"ea20.00
Weldless Thermometer 3” probeea30.00
Weldless Thermometer 6” probeea30.00
Weldless Mash Keg Conversionea70.00
Mix-Stir 26"" Stirring Toolea18.00
Mash Paddle-stainless steelea30.00
Mash Paddle-woodea12.00
Plate Chillerea110.00
Plate Chiller-Large w/T & 3” Thermometerea160.00
Spoon 27” boil proofea6.00
Quick Disc-Female to 1/2 Barbft4.00
Quick Disc-Female to 1/2 MaleNPTft4.00
Quick Disc-Female to 3/8 Barbft4.00
Quick Disc-Male to 1/2 Barbft4.00
Quick Disc-Male to 1/2 MaleNPTft4.00
Quick Disc-Male to 3/8 Barbft4.00
Mash Screen-S/S 12”ea38.00
Mash Screen for 15g Kettleea80.00
Mash Screen-S/S 9”ea34.00
Sight Glass 16" Weldlessea45.00
Sight Glass 11" Weldlessea40.00
Sparge Arm -Rotatingea35.00
Sparger Assemblyea18.00
Spigot-SS 1/2" Weldless assyea28.00
Spigot SS 1/2" Femaleea17.00
Spigot-Weldless 1"-1/2"Assy.ea32.00
Spoon-stainless steel 24”ea12.00
Fitting-SS 1/2" Teeea6.00
Fitting-SS Washerea2.00
Straining Bag-8 x 15ea3.25
Tubing 1/2” Reinforced Vinylft1.50
Tubing 3/8" High Tempft2.50
Tubing 1/2” High Tempft2.50
Weldless Assy 1/2" 18.00
Wort Chillers-25’ coilea45.00
Wort Chillers-25’ coil Stainlessea60.00
Wort Chillers-50’ coil Stainlessea80.00
Stainless Steel Hop Spiderea55.00
Straining / Fermenting / Racking Quantity Price
Air Filterea3.00
Airlock-3 pieceea0.90
Airlock “S” Shapedea0.90
Bucket w/lid 12 galea25.00
Bucket w/lid 24 galea30.00
Bucket w/lid 2 galea8.00
Bucket Lid - 6 galea2.00
Bucket w/lid - 6 galea15.00
Bucket w/lid 8 galea20.00
Lid for 8 galea4.00
BevBright 1 Micron Filterea5.00
BevBright 3 Micron Filterea5.00
Silicone Keg Bung 35 mmea7.00
Silicone Keg Bung 50 mmea9.00
Brew Heaterea16.00
Brew Belt 120voltea30.00
Spigots Plastic 3/8 spoutea3.50
Carboy 3 gal Plasticea22
Carboy 5 gal Plasticea25
Carboy 6 gal Plasticea27
Carboy Capea2.50
Carboy Cap 6.5 Gallonea2.50
Carboy handleea6.00
Carboy Standea8.00
Carboy 3 gal Glassea31
Carboy 5 gal Glassea36
Carboy 6 gal Glassea44
Carboy 6.5 gal Glassea46.00
Cask - Keg Bungea0.90
Fast Ferment-Conical 8 galea100.00
Fast Ferment Collection Ballea20.00
Fast Ferment Standea35.00
Fast Ferment Strapea14.00
Fast Ferment Thermometerea20.00
Erlenmeyer Flask 1Lea14.00
Erlenmeyer Flask 2Lea20.00
Beer and Wine Filtering Kitea55.00
Funnels 10” plasticea7.00
Funnels Slant 10” plasticea10.00
Funnel 3 ""ea2.75
Funnel 5""ea2.75
Funnels 8” plasticea4.00
Funnels Slant 8” plasticea10.00
Grommet-for Lid 2.00
Brew Haulerea14.00
Musting Capea3.50
Musting Cap - for Gallon Jugea2.00
Oxygenation Systemea55.00
Spigot- Oak 8.5”ea10.00
Bucket Lid Opener 6.00
Stopper - Plastic Carboy w/holeea3.00
Stopper - Plastic Carboy solidea3.00
Rubber Stopper #10ea2.75
Rubber Stopper #10.5ea3.00
Rubber Stopper w/Hole #10.5ea3.00
Rubber Stopper w/Hole #10ea2.75
Rubber Stopper w/Hole #11ea3.10
Rubber Stopper w/Hole #12ea3.50
Rubber Stopper w/Hole #13ea4.00
Rubber Stopper w/Hole #2ea0.50
Rubber Stopper #6.5ea1.00
Rubber Stopper w/Hole #6.5ea1.00
Rubber Stopper w/Hole #6ea0.80
Rubber Stopper #7ea1.20
Rubber Stopper w/Hole #7ea1.20
Rubber Stopper w/Hole #8ea1.60
Rubber Stopper w/Hole #9ea2.00
Spigots for fermenters 1/2”ea3.00
Spigots for fermenters 5/16” & 3/8”ea3.00
Bung Buon Vino w/ hole #7ea1.00
Bung Buon Vino Solid #7ea1.00
Strainer- 10” Double meshea20.00
Strainer - 8” Double meshea12.00
Straining Bag-coarse mesh 14 x 17ea7.00
Straining Bag-fine mesh 14 x 17ea7.00
Straining Bag-coarse mesh 20 x 28ea8.50
Straining Bag-fine mesh 20 x 28ea8.50
Straining Bag-coarse mesh 26 x 28ea9.00
Stir Bar - Ribbedea9.00
Stir Bar- 3cmea4.50
Stir Bar- 4cmea4.50
Stir Plateea60.00
Clear Vinyl Tubing 1/2” IDft0.60
Clear Vinyl Tubing 3/8” IDft0.40
Clear Vinyl Tubing 5/16” IDft0.40
Auto Siphon Clamp 1/2"ea3.50
Auto Siphon 3/8”ea12.00
Auto Siphon Clamp 3/8"ea3.50
Auto Siphon 1/2”ea17.00
Auto-Siphon Miniea10.00
Racking tube Clamp 1/2ea2.50
Racking tube-Plastic 1/2” x 30”ea4.50
Racking tube-Plastic 3/8” x 30”ea2.50
Racking Cane SS Mesh Screen 3/8”ea6.00
Stop Valve 3/8” in lineea2.00
Syphon Holder 3/8" ea2.50
Filtering Quantity Price
Buon Vino Mini-Jet Filter ea 200.00
Mini-Jet Filter Coarse ea 3.50
Mini-Jet Filter Fine ea 3.50
Mini-Jet Filter Sterile ea 3.50
Super Jet Filter - Coarse ea 4.50
Super Jet Filter - Fine ea 4.50
Super Jet Filter - Sterile ea 5.00
Buon Vino Super Jet Pump Filter ea 400.00
Vinamat Filters-Coarse set 4.00
Vinamat Filters-Fine set 4.00
Vinamat Filters-Sterile set 4.00