India Pale Ales

Liberty Bay IPA

Here's a recipe for the serious Hop Head. It's a small partial mash, with enough extract to hit a 1.066 OG. We use seven ounces of Cascade and Columbus hops. That's a chunk of bittering and a whole lot of flavor.

Amarillo Bitter

A simple beer with complex flavors. Unlike other IPAs and Bitters this has very little sweet character to counter the bitterness. I didn’t use any Crystal Malt for color or caramel taste. The Victory malt contributes a nutty flavor and full body. It’s the hops that make this beer. IT IS BITTER and not for the squeamish.

Simcoe Summer

A new hop has dropped into the laps of homebrewers. Simcoe hops have been used by a select group of Northwest micro- breweries for few years, now this fragrant and bitter pale ale hop is available to us. To give you a good idea of the quality of this hop, I have crafted this recipe just using the Simcoe. This is a refreshing ale, light redish orange in color with alcohol content at 6 %.

Extreme IPA

Here is a beer that kicks up the alcohol content while offering generous additions of hop. The Aromatic and Victory Malt provide body and balance to the hops but less sweetness than a crystal malt would give.

Dogfish Head 90 Min IPA

This recipe has been floating around the internet and several magazines lately. It continues to be in high demand so I'm adding it to my collection. The addition of Amber/Brown Malt in this recipe contributes more to a suttle roast flavor but little of the sweetness you might expect in a beer of amber color. The hop additions to this recipe are not your normal boil/flavor/aroma additions. In the 90 minute boil you will be adding 1/4 ounce of hops every 8 minutes followed by another 2 ounces of hops added to the secondary fermenter or keg (dry hopping). If this recipe seems confusing, you are probably doing it right.

Citra Special

A dry IPA, orange in color with grapefruit flavors from the Citra Hops.

Rude Outburst

Imperial Pale Ale loaded with hops. 8.5% alcohol and 80 IBUs of bitterness. A clone of Pyramids spring seasonal favorite.

Sorachi IPA

Lemon grass and dill dominate the flavor and aroma of this IPA. The Sorachi Ace hops, originally bred in Japan, are high in bitterness too.

Mosaic Hop Burst

This IPA uses a different method of achieving most of its bitterness by using a large amount of hop additions during the last 15 minutes of the boil. The result is an IPA with big tropical/citrus flavor and aroma from the Mosaic Hops without being overly bitter.

Elysian Space Dust

A clone at the increasingly popular seasonal IPA from Elysian Brewery out of Seattle. A well balanced, 7% IPA, with late and dry hop additions of Citra and Amarillo give this beer its bright citrus and grapefruit flavor and aroma.

Black IPA

Boneyard RPM IPA