Grad School Porter

This porter has a great roast malt flavor. Alcohol content is about 7% and is not overly sweet.

Honey Porter

Honey Porter is a great light bodied dark ale. The honey increases alcohol and leaves a faint flowery aroma. The chocolate malt and dark crystal malt add a roast character without the bite of a stout. The color is reddish-black. Chinook hops create a balanced beer, not sweet, not bitter.

Robust Porter

Dark beers such as Brown Ales, Stouts, and Porters are defined by their malt character as much as color. The malt flavor can be sweet and mild or deep and robust with a burned malt profile. This is one of those beers. Using generous portions of Roasted Barley and Black Patent Malt we make a beer with the robust difference.

One Arm Honey Porter

This brew is a twist on the current Honey Porter recipe found on the website. It was submitted by Mark Billings whose philophosy is, if a little is good, a lot is better. He boosted the honey from 1 to 3 lbs and added extra hops creating an excellent blend.

Bourbon Porter

Chocolate Porter

Made with Cacao nibs that are crushed seeds from the Cacao plant. It is these seeds that are the key ingredient in chocolate. While not technically chocolate themselves, our nibs do have a wonderful cocoa smell to them, and will provide a very subdued cocoa-like flavor to any beer.