Smoked Stout

Ready for something different? This is basically a sweet stout with a hint of smoke flavor from a 1/4 pound of peated malt. Made by Hugh Baird of England, Peated Malt is a pale barley malt smoked over peat wood. It's very pungent and a little goes a long way.

Burning Tsar Imperial Stout

An Imperial Stout which is thick, rich, 7% alcohol, balanced, not bitter. It could be considered a major food group.

Oatmeal Stout

This recipe is named after the poem by Shel Silverstein. It's about a little girl of the same name, who would never take the garbage out. That's where similarity ends. Any reference to the description of Sarah's garbage and the ingredients in this beer are completely coincidental. This is an Oatmeal Stout using a partial mash method. It includes more attention to temperature control when using your grain and having an adequate rinsing (sparging) system. Oatmeal Stout has a smooth and velvety mouth feel. It has flavors of chocolate, caramel, and coffee. The perfect breakfast beer.

Obsidian Stout

A Northwest favorite from Deschutes Brewing. It's not too robust in dark malt character but just the right balance. The hop character is mellow, not bitter, not sweet. Although it's not a traditional oatmeal stout, the oats give it more body, head retention, and creamy texture. Expect a higher OG (about 1.065) and a higher finish (1.025).

Cream Stout

Ready for a smooth stout, a stout that has lots of body but little bite? Then you are ready for Cream Stout. By using smaller amounts of Chocolate Malt and Roast Barley, but heavy additions of Crystal Malt and Malto Dextrin, you can make a stout smooth as velvet with a light coffee and chocolate flavor. It’s as smooth as cream without actually adding cream. If you enjoy Murphys, Beamish, or Sam Adams Cream Stout, you’ll like this.

Guinness Stout

Guinness isn't for everybody. You might say it's an acquired taste. This beer is dark, dry, thin (but creamy head), and slightly sour. And those are it's good points. Only one thing missing from this recipe, nitrogen. Guinness is served on tap using nitrogen driven system. It makes the foamy bubbles that disapate after pouring. To compensate, just give it a good splash in the glass when pouring.

Espresso Imperial Stout

Deep roast flavored Stout with espresso. Eight percent alcohol, not for the timid.